How to buy

Buying art or antiques is an excellent way to deepen your liking for art and start building a collection to your taste. The value of exceptional items bought in auction tends to appreciate over the years and is therefore an investment. The unique and exciting atmosphere of an auction at IEGOR will bring out your love for art and antiques and awaken a passion for collecting.

Classic sales

In the auction room

Sales are held regularly in our auction rooms. Each sale is preceded by several days of viewing when you may inspect the lots, check their condition and request pre-sale estimates. If you should be unable to attend the viewing, please ask for a condition report from our staff who will promptly send it by email. If you wish to bid during a sale in our auction room, you simply have to turn up and register. Just fill out and sign a form to receive a bidder’s number. A credit card number will be requested at the time of registration.

Long distance

You’re ready to try and acquire a Picasso featured in a sale, or an original Borduas available exclusively in auction, but you can’t attend on the night of the actual sale? Just let us have a purchase order by phone or Internet. You can arrange to be telephoned when your lot comes up and then communicate directly with one of our staff who will announce your bids during the auction. Alternatively, you may leave a maximum bid that we will execute in gradual increments on your behalf without exceeding your limit.

Payment and collection of lots

Each lot is sold subject to the terms and conditions of sale, namely a 20% charge in addition to the closing bid, together with applicable taxes. You may collect lots at the place of sale. If you wish to arrange for delivery, we can assist with procedures and also supply shipping estimates.